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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our weekend

This weekend was Edward Jones' Summer Regional Meeting and spouses are able to go on the trip along with the kids. It was a nice and relaxing weekend. The resort that we stayed at was somewhere between Bastrop and Austin. It was called the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort. Very upscale place. Edward Jones paid for everything. Our meals were taken care of, our room was on them, even mileage is on them!!!! That's a big thing these days. :-) It wasn't all fun and games for the guys but they were out of meetings by noon, just in time for us to have an incredible lunch and then out to the pool to spend the rest of the day. Oh and get this..... They even paid to have professional babysitters on site!!!! It was amazing. We had a formal dinner night which was a lot of fun. I got to play dress up and get out of my normal jeans and shirt routine for work and scrubs for school.

So pretty much, the whole weekend we spent out at the pool floating the lazy river that wrapped around the resort. It was such an exclusive, tucked away place. On the second day there, Brian surprised me and had an hour massage set up for me. I was pampered and spoiled the whole weekend and it was great!!!!

While we were there too, the 12th Man Foundation was there. So we were walking around with a bunch of Aggies...couldn't have been better :-)

This is how we found Brooklyn the first day we dropped her off at the was so cute. She even still had her balloon tied to her wrist.

The first night at dinner they did kid introductions and Brooklyn was not going to be left out

The first night we took a walk around the pool and was not expecting Brooklyn to want to get in. She was in a dress and had her hair done and of course, stupid mom, she wants to get in. So I take her dress off and just let her have fun. We were on vacation!!!!!

Every night they had s'mores set up around the resort for families to come out and enjoy them, man did we enjoy them. I don't think Brooklyn liked them at all........

It was an amazing weekend. I was able to meet a lot of wives and hear their stories of how they struggled and got through the first couple of years when their husband's were starting out in Edward Jones. It is a true family though. Everyone knows everyone and they do such a good job of wrapping their arms around the new families and making them feel welcomed. I don't know of a place that takes the entire family and puts them up in a 5 star resort and pays for everything and encourages them to bring their kids. I am really looking forward in watching Brian and I grow in this company.

This is to Gdad, Bapu, Molz, Katie and Corey.....(pause the music that I have on this site)